In my 26+ year career,
I obtained convictions of thousands of DUI drivers and made our streets safer.
I, Rosemary Chavez,
advocate for a safer community.



From the Candidate

    I am a Southern California native, and I have lived here my entire life.  I was born in Montebello, raised in Pico Rivera, and, since 1999, I have made Long Beach, CA my home.


     I began with only an AA degree from Rio Hondo College when I started at Western State University, College of Law in Fullerton, in 1983. After 4 years of hard work, raising my girls alone and working two jobs, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Law and my Juris Doctor there, and ultimately graduating in 1987.


     When I was admitted to the CA bar in 1988; I accepted a position with the City Attorney and have been prosecuting DUI offenders virtually continuously ever since.  As a career prosecutor for the City of Los Angeles, I have personally obtained thousands of convictions, either by prosecuting trials to jury verdict, court verdict or via negotiated pleas to high grade misdemeanor cases.


     The majority of those trials were DUIs and I quickly became fascinated by the science that validated and confirmed the efforts of law enforcement officers to get impaired drivers off the roads. These men and women were savings lives through their diligent efforts to enforce the laws against intoxicated driving.


I was lucky enough to be learning about impaired driving from the same ground-breaking officers and researchers who originally created the DUI studies funded by NHTSA to develop the battery of standardized field sobriety tests is now known as the “NHTSA 3 and the internationally recognized protocols that came to be known as the DRE program.  (Drug Recognition Evaluation) My training on the topic of DUI enforcement even included my attendance and participation in the LAPD’s DRE training program in the very early 1990s.


     In 1993 I was asked to help develop the curriculum for a new POST-certified LAPD training program to expand the scope of what had previously been known as the DRE pre-school of the SFST school.  This new program would replace the “DRE pre-school” and would be known as IDAP (Impaired Driver Apprehension Program”). I conducted this first IDAP class in 1994 and have been instructing and supervising this portion of the IDAP program about 6-5 times each year ever since providing POST certified training to hundreds of police officers.


     Armed with this knowledge and experience, I have devoted myself to sharing my knowledge and experience with other prosecutor and law enforcement agencies, I have developed and conducted several MCLE (Mandatory Continuing Legal Education) training sessions on behalf of the office, usually in the area of traffic and DUI enforcement.


     I believe in using creative and effective approaches for prosecutors to promote the goals of public safety and rehabilitation of the misdemeanor offender.


Most importantly I believe that the most vital obligation of local law enforcement is to address and redress the injuries suffered by the victims of crime.  Victims of crime should be accorded all the deference and respect by prosecutors in the spirit of Proposition 8 of the Constitution of the State of California, known as the “Victim’s Bill of Rights”


     I have several new ideas about how a prosecutor can better protect the rights of victim’s and facilitate a victim’s ability implement the restitution to which a victim is entitled.


As City Prosecutor, I will draw on my 25+ years long career in law enforcement to make the City Prosecutor’s office more efficient, more relevant and responsive to the needs of the residents of Long Beach.




Thank you for your consideration,

Rosemary E. Chavez




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